DrottningEnar baby carrier - Ergonomic babby carrier from newborn up to 3 years

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The DrottningEnar baby carrier is a designed modern version of the traditional baby sling. The descrete and adjustable strap –functions like a car seat-belt- and makes it unique and very easy to use. DrottningEnar fits all body-shapes and sizes and with no loose ends or excess fabric it’s stylish and comfortable. Suits newborns and children up to three years.

Facts about DrottningEnar baby carrier

Use from newborn up to 3 years.
maximum weight 15 kg
Carrying positions: Cradle-carry from newborn and up to 4 months, hip-carry from about 3 months.
Shoulderstrap: adjustable for different sizes and a snug fit. It is shaped to stay on your shoulder, preventing it from sliding onto your neck. Fits on both right or left shoulder.
Made from 100% cotton
Washing instructions: Wash carrying part at 30°C
Weight: approx. 450 g

User tips: How to use the baby carrier

DrottningEnar baby carrier is easy to accommodate and use. The newborn baby is carried in a cradle-position. From 3 months of age you can start carrying it in the hip-position as long as you provide support for the babys neck when needed. DrottningEnar has a unique adjustable strap, which no other carrier has, which you easily adjust thanks to the seat-belt function. With a push of a button and single-handedly, you can tighten or loosen the shoulderstrap for a snug fit and the best comfort for both you and your baby!

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